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Let Us Bring Life To Your Old Furniture

Restored Furniture — Restore in Clovis, CA
Do you have a faded, scratched up, desk or table that needs a new life? Let Unique Rescues in Fresno County, California, give it the new life it deserves! Call us today at 631-241-3270 to begin your item's journey to a beautiful life once again. We focus on restoring antique furniture and upcycling old, unused furniture pieces.

Our Mission

At Unique Rescues we pledge to bring to life dormant pieces of furniture and wood from a time gone by. We will bring forth new memories by finding the hidden 'life' of what you bring to us. We aim to unearth the beauty that lies within each item while also creating a usable work of art.
Before look of the chest — Restore in Clovis, CA


Newly restored chest — Restore in Clovis, CA



About Us

All work is done by the owner of Unique Rescues, Jackie Redmond. Her keen eye for detail and vision for each item will ensure that your item reaches its full potential. Jackie's desire to bring out the best in each item leads her to in-depth research before she even begins a project. You can trust that she knows the history of the item and fully understands the sentimental value and will tirelessly work to make each project the best that it can be. For more information on our restoration process, call 631-241-3270 today!

Let Us Restore Your Treasure

Wooden Cabinet  — Restore in Clovis, CA
Do you ever wonder what that dusty, worn little table sitting in your attic could look like with a little work? Call Unique Rescues, based out of Fresno County, California, at 631-241-3270 and let us bring your furniture back to life! Whether you want to restore your dome trunk from 1877 or give your side table a modern new look, Unique Rescues will have your furniture looking better than ever.

Before we even begin the restoration process, we do extensive research to know the history of each item and how our restoration or upcycle process can bring out it's best traits.

If you have further questions, call 631-241-3270!
Before look — Restore in Clovis, CA


Newly restored chest — Restore in Clovis, CA



Let the Restoration Begin!

Tell us a little more about your item. Do you know the history of that antique chest you have at the foot of your bed? Does the shabby little coffee table in your attic have a past? Let us know! We'll work to keep the personal significance of your furniture at the forefront as we upcycle or restore it and bring you a beautiful, usable work of art.

Projects Available For Purchase

White Furniture and chair — Restore in Clovis, CA
Does your entry way seem to be missing something? A custom restored shelf from Unique Rescues based out of Fresno County, California may be just what it needs! Not only does Unique Rescues restore furniture for clients, but we also sell furniture that we have restored. Whether you're looking for a beautiful little vanity for your bedroom or a custom-made holder for your plethora of wineglasses, Unique Rescues has what you're missing. Take a look at some of the wonderful projects that you can bring home or call 631-241-3270 today to find out more about the projects we have for sale!

Some of Our Finished Projects


Contact Us Today to Bring Your Antique Furniture to Life

If you have a love for beautiful, unique furniture or want to bring out the best in your shabby, aged, unused furniture, contact Unique Rescues, in Fresno County, California, at 631-241-3270 today! We'd love to hear more about your furniture and find out we can give it a new life.